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Upcoming events


This spring sees the trailblazing 2nd International Mindfulness and Compassion at Work Summit take place in the beautiful Guadarrama mountains near Madrid, Spain.



The bilingual (English & Spanish) Summit follows hot on the heels of last year's successful inaugural event. This year, once again, we're exploring not only the latest research and applications of mindfulness at work but of compassion too, gathering pioneering world-class catalysts and organisational storytellers from the UK and Spain. The programme has been designed and the location chosen to allow delegates to enjoy a truly mindful event, with the opportunity and space to reflect, practice mindfulness together, and explore together in mindful dialogue. And weather permitting, we'll be carrying out our exploration in the lush grounds of our chosen venue. The programme kicks off with a visit to the nearby El Escorial. 


The retreat-style Summit, which has thus far taken place in the mountains near Madrid, seeks to bring together world-class researchers, catalysts & storytellers with business leaders, coaches, HR/OD/learning & development professionals and all others interested in sowing the seeds of mindfulness & compassion in the workplace and beyond to explore mindfully how to foster workplaces where all can flourish. Whilst pioneering expertise, knowledge & wisdom is key to the Summit’s success, the event is not the usual ‘heady’ conference with back-to-back sessions. In addition to stimulating & refreshing input, the Summit offers a peaceful space in which participants can reflect, explore and create individually and collectively, honouring the spirit of mindfulness. The 2nd International Mindfulness and Compassion at Work Summit has been organised by Liz Hall and Luis San Martin (see Speakers & Facilitators).



Madrid's El Escorial